What to do with your child’s art work

Since my daughter started Pre School she has come home with many bits of paper covered with her lovely artwork. But who has a fridge big enough to display it all? Obviously some does end up in the bin but here are some other ideas that you can do before you decide to throw it away.

Create an Art Gallery 


Here I used two ikea picture ledges and framed some of her Early finger paintings. I then screwed in four hooks undearneath and hung string between them. Using small pegs I then just hang up her work as she brings it home.

Create an sign for their room


I simply cut out letters from her work, backed it in black paper and framed them in an old picture frame.

Stick it to Windows 

My daughter loves creating pictures on contact paper stuck to the windows. I cut the best ones up and keep them stuck on her playroom window. Click to read blog about making these.



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