Why is the cardboard box the best children’s toy?

Over the past two years I have made many cardboard props for my little one including a washing machine, a den, a boat, a car and a gruffalo cave.

Why do they love cardboard boxes so much? Because they can use their imagination.

This week I made her a postbox and something really interesting happened. I didn’t have time to make it all singing and dancing like my other projects, it was a very quick project because I had a delivery and my toddler showed interest in the box. It was the perfect size to cut a slit and turn into a postbox; I made some cardboard postcards and it even had a lid so that you could get the letters out once they had been posted.


She spent some time posting the cards but then she began to play with it in all sorts of different ways that I hadn’t even thought of. It made me realise that I had been restricting her play and her imagination by making the boxes one thing. Because this box was unpainted and blank she had the freedom to turn it into a horse,


a drum,


Hide and Seek,


And a wishing well for her fairies,


From now on I am going to let her have more freedom with the cardboard box and let her imagination lead her wherever it takes her.


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