Busy box

My two year old adores her busy box. She has just started Pre School and when she comes home she is exhausted. I realised that she needed to relax when she came home and sit at the table doing nice, calm activities. The box is filled with busy bag activities, she takes one bag out at a time (her choice) and completes them while I make dinner.

Busy Bags are simply activities in a zip up bag. Here’s what you can find in mine:

Restickable sticker sheets from Melissa and Doug


You can get these from Amazon and toddlers who adore sticking will love these.

Colour Sorting Game


Find some colour plastic plates and throw in some random toys and Pom poms for your little one to sort. For older toddlers let them use tongs to pick up the items, this will help develop their motor skills.

Ribbon and Felt Threading


Sew a button to the end of a piece of ribbon. Cut out some felt shapes, slit a small hole in the middle and let your toddler thread them. For older toddlers ask them to thread them in a colour repetitive pattern.

Shapes and chains


Attach velcro circles to coloured lolly pop sticks and long felt rectangles. Join the lollipop sticks to make shapes and the felt strips to make chains.



Buy some simple jigsaws for them to complete.

Farm animals


Find cheap plastic animals, the pound shop always has great ones and get them to match them to a picture. They’ll also enjoy playing with the animals.

Counting Coins


Draw round pennies and then ask them to place them on the circles. My toddler also loves to count aloud as she does it.


4 thoughts on “Busy box

  1. growtastecreate says:

    Great suggestions and awesome idea to use these during dinner prep! I participated in a busy bag swap last year but didn’t think of integrating them into our daily routine. My almost 15month old is going to love these in a few months 🙂


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