My top 10 apps for toddlers

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Let’s be honest, children love TV, computers and tablets. It’s also such an an easy activity to give them when you need them to be still or quiet for a short time. I recently took my iPad to the hairdressers so my little one would sit still while they cut her hair. It was a great success, she now has a lovely straight Bob and fringe.

It made me think, technology is amazing and I want my daughter to understand it as its everywhere now; she’ll need to use it at school, work and for her day to day life.

What I don’t want to happen though, is that I find her sitting and staring at the iPad for hours on end watching endless episodes of Peppa pig so I am strict about how much time she spends on it and I have hunted down my favourite apps that also encourage learning.

I placed these apps on her own page, on the tablet, so that she can choose what to play, watch or do. Giving her access to her own apps makes her feel like she’s making her own choices and also gives me the peace of mind that she’s not just surfing the Internet or jumping on my Facebook by mistake.

Here are the ten she can choose from:

Play kids


I actually paid for the full version of this because I like it so much but the free version also has a lot to offer. Your toddler can choose from educational games, stories and fun videos.



This is her favourite and is a great interactive nursery rhyme app where she can learn the songs and improve her motor skills on the screen. The free version has plenty of choice so I wouldn’t bother paying for the full version of this one.

YouTube kids app


YouTube have now created an app where you can set your child’s age. This is great, no more worrying that they’ll search and see something age inappropriate. You can also search specific things and set them to their favourites for easy access, for example Sesame Street and Elmo are great educational videos they will love.

Cbeebies Storytime


This one has stories that you can download to the tablet so that they can be read to them out and about and you don’t have to carry loads of books around with you. They can be read aloud for your child to which is great for non-readers and they are interactive.

Fish by Duck Duck MOose


Anything by Duck Duck MOose is brilliant but I particularly like Fish as it teaches numbers and shapes.



This is a great app for finding nursery rhymes and songs from kids movies. You can put them in an album for your toddler and they can flick through and listen to their favourites. You can also pay for Premium and have no adverts.

Cbeebies Play Island


My daughter has only just started using this app but she loves playing the games that link to her favourite characters from CBeebies.

Photo Album


On all tablets you will have access to a personal photo album. I’ve created a folder for my toddler of family members and friends. This is especially good as we can talk about family members that we may not see very often.  She loves to swipe through them and especially loves watching baby videos of herself.

Peek-a-zoo by Duck, Duck, Moose


Another great app by duck, duck, moose which is a great introduction to letters and animals.

 Musical Me by duck, duck, moose


This one is great fun and teaches rhythm and even starts to teach how musical notes are read and played.


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