Music and Movement


This activity is great for baby and toddler.

Your Toddler will learn about rhythm, tempo, the difference between loud and quiet (probably favouring loud) and they will begin to sing and perform simple nursery rhymes.

Your baby will experience an exciting sensory experience using their hearing, sight and touch.

Individual activities

1. Let your toddler select and investigate different instruments. Let them play them as they wish before showing them how to play them correctly.

2. Name the instruments and demonstrate how to play them quietly and loudly. Ask your toddler to copy you or to select certain types of instruments.

3. Play their favourite songs on a cd, iPod etc. Let your toddler choose an instrument and play along to their favourite nursery rhyme.

4. Sit your baby on your lap and show them how the instruments make different sounds. For older babies let them hold them and shake simple rattles or bells.

5. Allow your toddler to dance freely to their favourite songs. Teach them simple actions that they can learn to repeat. Some action rhymes include: Twinkle Twinkle, Wind the Bobbin up and Incy Wincy Spider which are our favourites.

NOTE: don’t worry if you don’t have any child friendly instruments why not make some of your own. Try searching for ideas on Pinterest. Any recycled tub or plastic bottle with a lid can be filled with a bit of pasta and become a shaker.

Heres an idea from for babies



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