Packed Lunch

Today’s blog is inspired by one of my favourite bloggers ‘100 days of real food‘ by Lisa Leake.

In the weeks leading up to my daughter starting PreSchool, I became obsessed and excited about preparing her packed lunch. I have always been a follower of Lisa Leake’s blog and couldn’t wait to use some of her ideas for my little lady’s lunch.

Here’s my first week:


  1. Mini wholemeal raspberry muffins from
  2. Satsuma
  3. Leftover chicken from dinner
  4. Cheese Straw
  5. Salad with Ceaser Dressing
  6. Sourcream dip for the cheese straw


  1. Salted popcorn
  2. Cucumber
  3. Tomato
  4. Boiled Egg
  5. Tuna Sandwich


  1. Full fat Greek Yoghurt and Blueberries
  2. Mini Raspberry muffins as above
  3. Mini Greek Salad with feta and olives
  4. Leftover chicken from dinner
  5. Cracker and soft cheese sandwich

NOTE: This amazing lunch box is called a Yumbox and is from Amazon and is a bit pricey but I do love it.


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