4 ways to encourage your child to read

Something I encourage my daughter to do while I breastfeed baby number two, is to read. Obviously, she’s way to young to read the actual words but she loves to flick through her many books and recount the stories.

To make it interesting we read in various ways:

1. Snuggled up together

She brings me books to read to her while I feed the baby and we sit next to each other on the sofa. I always keep a good stash of books in the lounge for her to choose from.

2. Independently

If I am feeding the baby just before his bedtime, I like to do it in silence so I encourage her to sit in her own room on a comfy beanbag.  Once again there is a good collection for her to go through and I can have some quiet time with baby.


3. Read along with the audio book 

If I want her to read independently but I am busy, with my many chores, or simply trying to take a shower, I play the story on an old iPod and docking station. She then sits and flicks through the book following the track herself. The Julia Donaldson books can all be found in the audio version. These are also great for long car journeys.

4. Make a reading den

Using a large box, poke through some fairy lights, throw in some comfy pillows and let your little one snuggle inside with a selection of books. My daughter also likes taking in her favourite teddies and reading to them.

Click here to find out more about encouraging early reading.



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