Messy Play with dried pasta

I am always being told how brave I am for allowing my toddler to do messy play, but let’s be honest, all toddlers get themselves into a mess at some point and the great thing about planning a messy activity into your day is that you do have some control over it.

Tip one: If possible do it outside. (That can’t happen often in the UK)

Tip two: If doing it inside, do the activity on a wooden/ laminate floor for easy cleaning.

Tip Three: If you have to do it on a carpet invest in a great wipe clean mat from Amazon.

Tip Four: Use a tuff tray or small paddling pool to contain any bits/mess to a small area.

Tip Five: Have towels and cloths ready for a quick clean up.

NOTE: Messy play does not have to be really messy materials like paint, mud or shaving foam as many people think. In the picture below you can see that I have used our small paddling pool (which didn’t get used much this Summer) and I have filled it with dried macaroni. The paddling pool contains the mess and I always have a sweeping brush to hand to gather any stray bits of pasta.

My two year old can spend ages pouring, tipping and scooping the small pasta shapes into cups, bowls and plates. We also count them out into ice cube trays.

Here is another example using dried spaghetti. She loves to thread them into the holes of a colinder, I also gave her pipe cleaners and a shoelace to thread.

NOTE: always stay with your toddler as the pasta shapes can be a choking hazard. Macaroni and Spaghetti will always be safer than pasta shapes.


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