Baby Sensory – Sound

When I had one child I would spend most of my spare time planning wonderful activities and setting up dens. Now that I also have a newborn, there is no spare time. If I do get a spare ten minutes I am frantically brushing my hair or applying deodorant and so I have been trying to come up with activities that are quick to set up but still as fun for my whirlwind toddler.

Here is an extremely simple activity that involves just Mummy and baby or one that can be developed (if time allows) to include your inquisitive toddler and all you need is a toilet roll.

Mummy and Baby

You will need:

  • a toilet roll


Simply hold the toilet roll up to your babies ear and whisper strange sounds or words like ‘I love you’.

Watch as your baby turns their head towards the sound.

Repeat for the other ear.


Toddler and Baby

Let your toddler whisper into babies ear.

This can get rather interesting as they struggle to hold the toilet roll in the right place.

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV


Extended toddler activities 

Allow your toddler to decorate the toilet roll with stickers. This is a great activity that keeps them entertained at the table while you cook or clean.

If they make a few over a couple of days why not use them as skittles and practise their hand eye coordination.

Never heard of baby sensory? There are some early development practitioners that believe stimulating your baby senses from a young age can help them develop important neural connections that develop future intelligence. But be careful not to over stimulate.

For more detailed information see


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