Life with two

Well, I’m still here (just). What a crazy 5 weeks, having two children under three is no easy feat and I am in awe of all the Mummies that have done it. But getting to experience newborn cuddles again is incredible and I have survived the first month.

Having a newborn again has not been the difficult part for me, our little Thomas seems easy in comparison to our wild and spirited two year old. It’s having a toddler at the same time that’s hard; from the minute she wakes she is a colourful, whirlwind tearing through the house and my brain is spitting out ideas and activities that will keep her occupied while I change or feed the baby, cook dinner or simply try to get a shower. Some days, I’ve actually resorted to taking her into the shower with me just so that she won’t poke and wake the baby.

There is no routine and I wake blurry eyed and sleep deprived every morning wondering what the day will bring. Possibly an exploding nappy while at the park (from either child, really must get the toddler toilet trained); or my two year old somersaulting off the slide for attention; or finding stickers attached to the cat. Anything is a possibility once my back is turned even for thirty seconds, I’ve learnt that she can never be left alone, and if there is suddenly silence from the next room she is most definitely up to no good.

But alongside all the mischievous behaviour comes love, giggles and pure fun. My toddler does love her brother and is fascinated with him. It is just going to take time to teach her to be gentle and that his eyes do not pop out of his head!

Over the next few weeks I will hopefully be able to share some of the activities that have saved me and help other amazing Mummies that are discovering the world of having two! You are all amazing, I was once told the first month is all about survival. That person was so true, do what you can to get through, don’t make life hard for yourself trying to combine your toddler and baby into a routine and try (really try) to end the day remembering the fun you’ve had (however small) rather than dwelling on the negative.





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