Using your chalkboard

Recently I posted, ‘How to make a chalkboard’ and thought that I would post an idea on how to use it.

Obviously, the most obvious is to give them some coloured chalks and let them draw to their hearts content but here is another idea.

Use it to label body parts, different animals or even colours.

This activity will happily keep my toddler happy while I cook. I simply draw an image, for example a little girl with arrows pointing to different body parts. She takes laminated cards out of her special box, the cards already have blu-tac on the back, and she sticks them in the correct places. She loves coming down in the morning and doing this before breakfast.

The next step, or for toddlers over 2, would be to allow her to draw the arrows to connect the parts to the cards herself.


To find the pictures of body parts, click here or here

You will have to print them off yourself and laminate. If you don’t have a laminator, simply buy the laminating pouches and use hair straighteners to seal and melt the plastic. It works like a dream.


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