Post 1: Setting up a Bean Pole Garden Teepee

After reading a post shared by a friend, I decided that my spring project would be to make a Bean Pole Garden Teepee, seen here at

The basic idea is to make a teepee from canes and grow runner beans up the outside to create an awesome summer den.


Tip: This is not a project that will be complete in a week, you will have to wait for the beans to grow. But as you wait, you can turn it into a brilliant den using blankets. (See the picture at the end of the blog)

Here is how I have got started:

What you will need:

  • 5-7 seven foot canes
  • String
  • 18 runner beans to sow
  • 9 plastic plant pots
  • Good Compost
  • Water

What to do:

  1. First start planting your beans. Always follow the instructions for planting on the bean packet but here are the basic planting tips. Fill your plant pots 2/3rds with good compost. Place two beans in each pot just in case one does not grow. Cover with more compost and water.
  2. If you have a greenhouse let them grow inside it for about 3 weeks.
  3. If you do not have a greenhouse you can create mini greenhouses by placing each pot in a sandwich bag and tying it lightly at the top.


4. Prepare the teepee. Make a tent shape out of your seven foot canes, tying at the top with string. Dig it into the ground.

Tip for choosing your location:

I was lucky enough to have a stoned area already set aside for this project but you may want to put yours on the grass like Either way remember that if you do it on the grass, your grass will most likely die as it will be either under a rug or shaded all summer.

I have also placed our tuff tray in ours to protect our bottoms from the hard stones.


5. Tie string to the canes in a spider web shape so the bean plant has something to cling to as it grows.


As the sun came out today, I decided while we wait for our beans to grow, over the next few weeks, I would turn it into an outdoor teepee using pegs and blankets. What a great reading den.


image.jpegOnce my beans are strong enough and the fear of frost has gone, I will post again on planting them outside.



4 thoughts on “Post 1: Setting up a Bean Pole Garden Teepee

  1. allanka81 says:

    Hi Growtastecreate,
    Let me start by thanking you for my Liebster award recently, I am currently writing a blog to support this and it was such a lovely thing to receive from a fellow life enthusiast.

    I used bamboo canes that I bought from the local garden centre. They were really cheap and a really strong to support my growing bean plants. Where in the world are you? It is Spring here in the UK so a perfect time for planting runner beans.


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