Make a Stickman


This activity was inspired by a toddler group called ‘Bushbabies’ in Yorkshire, UK and the story ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson. There are many companies all over England who have created woodland or beach activities for toddlers. They generally only last a morning and a run by professionals. I always then go home and steal some of their great ideas to repeat at home.

How to make a basic Stickman:

  1. Take two sticks, one longer than the other, and tie together using elastic bands, masking tape, twine or string in a cross shape. This will make the arms.
  2. Either leave legless or tape a smaller stick underneath to make legs.


  1. To add a head, roll up a ball of clay or play dough and place on the top of the sticks. Add googley eyes, a pine cone for a nose and leaves for hair.
  2. Add leaves for clothes or maybe use moss for a beard. The possibilities are endless.

Other woodland activities:

  1. Go on an animal hunt. Obviously carefully placed teddy bears and not real creatures.



2. Make a woodland sticky window picture. (See how to make this on our last blog here)



3. Paint leaves.


4. See Gruffalo Activities Blog for more ideas (link)



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