Sticky Windows


If you have already tried sticking contact paper to your windows (see previous post), and let your child stick, unstick and restick pictures then why not try this next step.

Step One:

This is simply sticky back plastic (bought from staples) or sometimes called ‘contact paper’, stuck onto a low window or sliding door.

Use masking tape to tape up the plastic with the sticky side facing away from the glass. This may sound really obvious but do not stick to the glass as it will be tricky to remove.

Now that you have your sticky plastic facing out let your toddler stick on blue and green pieces of tissue paper. This is going to be your fishy background.

Step Two:

Stick another sheet of sticky back plastic over the top with the sticky surface facing away from the glass. Your little one can now stick images of undersea creatures, unstick and restick to their hearts content but the background will never change as the tissue paper is pinned between the sheets of plastic.

Note: Just make sure that both pieces of plastic have the sticky face, facing away from the glass.

Step Three:

I like to leave this up for about a week so that my angel can mess around with the pictures whenever it pleases her.

I then repeat the activity but change the background colour.

For example, use green and brown tissue paper and then stick on woodland creatures or use yellow and brown and stick on desert creatures. You can even peel them off once they have finished and put them up to show their art work.



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