Under the Sea Activities

Age: 12-36 months

These activities are based on the story Tiddler by Julia Donaldson

  1. Create a den

image IMG_0812

  • Either use a box or play pen to create and underwater den. Hang laminated fish and include sensory bags to create the atmosphere.
  • Or make a cardboard boat and put up a clothes horse, add pictures of fish or art work that they have done.

2. Make some fish art


  • Cut up fish shapes
  • Put out a variety of paint colours, sponges and brushes either on a tuff tray or at the table.
  • Allow your child to use whatever techniques (including fingers) to paint the fish.

3. Create some window play


  • Use Sticky back plastic on the window and stick up laminated images of fish.
  • Note: Make sure the sticky side is away from the glass and use masking tape to hold it on the window.

4. Visit the Aquarium

DSC_0165 DSC_0140

  • If you are lucky enough to have an aquarium within a one hour drive, visit it. Your toddler will have a sensory overload.
  • Go during term time, if you can, as it will be much quieter and your little one can run around pointing at all the fish.


5. Visit the beach

IMG_0805 IMG_0810 IMG_0783IMG_0782

  • Obviously October is not the best time to visit the beach but even when there is a chill, as long as the sun is out, rock pooling is so much fun.
  • Remember to take a net and a bucket to catch some critters and get a closer look.
  • Why not bring home some shells and stones to make your own rock pool at home.

5. Create your own rock pool


(Picture from ahousefullofsunshine.com)

  • Use your tuff tray to create your own rock pool.
  • Add stones, moon sand, water and anything else you may have collected from the beach.

6. Have a glow in the dark bath time

IMG_0805 IMG_0891

  • Throw glow sticks and glow ducks into the bath.
  • Make glow in the dark sensory bags.
  • Take a tub of hair gel and throw in some glow in the dark stars. Glue the lid on and enjoy as a little night light.

7. Make your own Hook a Fish

IMG_0915 IMG_0903

  • CROCHET: If you are lucky enough to know how to crochet or know a wonderful person who does, why not crochet some fish with washers inside. Add a magnet to a plastic stick using wool and glue.
  • PAPER: You can also make a simple one from paper: cut out small fish, stick them together with a washer inside. Or simply add a paper clip if you can not get your hands on a washer.
  • Add a magnet to a plastic stick/ chop stick using wool and glue.

Find a more complicated Hook a fish game instruction page here.

8. Do some Ice Excavating


9. Feed the Shark

feed the shark game ocean week

(Game from Toddler Approved)

  • Look at how to make this great Feed the Shark alphabet game on Toddler Approved.
  • As my toddler is still young, I used the shark template to feed the shark plastic fish but if your toddler is 2-4 years old you may want to have a go at letter recognition. Basically, write letters on paper fish, ask your toddler to find one (for example, find the letter b), then get them to post it into the mouth.

10. Have an ocean themed bath


  • Using an idea from Fun at Home with Kids I made some fantastic coloured foam to add to my munchkins bath. I used blue paint to turn it blue, you can use food colouring but it will stain hands.
  • I added plastic sea creatures and shells to make it more exciting.


11. Dance to Under the Sea music and Bubbles.


  • Find music from The Little Mermaid or search Spotify (which is free) for Under the Sea Themed music.
  • Play, dance and pop bubbles from a bubble machine. You can buy many from Amazon but don’t forget to buy the bubble solution.



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