Sorting Activity

Age: 10 months- 2 years

Skills: Fine motor skills

My little girl is obsessed with sorting laundry, paper, stones, well actually anything she can get her hands on.

This activity really doesn’t look much but it has entertained my munchkin for hours.


This is simply a small cardboard box with 3 holes cut in the top so that she can push through different sized sponge balls, straws and pipe cleaners.

When I made this I happened to order a sewing machine and it was delivered with a polystyrene holder. It happened to have a hole in the centre that my homemade box fit perfectly into and made the perfect stand.

Things to note:

  • cut out different sized holes in the top so that your child can try different holes for different sized balls.
  • leave easy access to the underneath so that you can get any items out to reuse again, and again, and again.
  • offer different sized balls, straws and even bendy pipe cleaners so that your little one needs to use various skills to get them into the box.


Obviously you may not happen to have any polystyrene lying around so here are other ideas you can have a look at from other bloggers on Pinterest:

Activity Mom and Happy Hooligans: Sorting into pots and pans from your kitchen.



The Imagination For older children




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