Activities to stimulate your baby or toddler


This week the website, blog and Facebook page are about to grow. Not only will I be posting yummy, healthy meals for your family but I will be showing you how to make great activities for you to try with your baby or toddler.

I look around my lounge and see a huge array of toys; some plastic, some small, some educational and some just for fun. But what shocked me most was the cost of these toys and how quickly my child moves from one toy to the next. One day, her Gruffalo teddy is her favourite toy, but then the next she loves her mini piano. It really is crazy the money spent on these toys and often they are not used for very long so I realised it’s actually really easy to make your own.

The possibilities are endless.

For example; a cardboard box can be a washing machine, a den, a car or even a boat and your little one will love it just as much as that small, plastic washing machine toy that cost £25. All you need is a little time, imagination and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can throw together some exciting games even for a child as young as 6 months. So get your scissors and Cellotape ready because each week I will be popping great ideas onto the blog and website for you to try.

Log in to to view all the activities on the website along with great recipes for the whole family. Or why not try the Facebook page for weekly posts.


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