Is Baby Led Weaning Messy?

I decided to reblog this as many parents keep asking me how I control the mess.


The short answer is yes! Baby Led Weaning can be very messy.


Your baby is learning to hold food, bring it to their mouths, manipulate it with their tongue, use a spoon and many other fine motor skills so this means food will end up everywhere. Obviously, it will depend on the food they are eating but generally food will end up on the floor, in all the nooks of the high chair, in their hair, in your hair and most likely flicked across the room. To be honest though, my little one has learnt quickly and by 9 months we barely had any food on the floor, it mostly just went on her.

Tips on controlling the mess:

  • If your high chair is on a carpet, buy a wipe down mat to put under the chair.
  • Buy a baby bib with sleeves to keep clothes clean.
  • or try a wipe clean bib with a lip for catching food.
  • Pick a high chair that is easy to clean. The Ikea Antilop is a firm favourite with many mothers.
  • If your house is toasty warm just strip your little one down to their nappy or vest.
  • Finally, remember to take plenty of funny pictures with your camera.

Tips on controlling the mess when you are out and about:

  • Lay a mussy down to catch food that is dropped.
  • Remember to take a couple of bibs and wet wipes to keep your little one clean.

If all else fails and it happens to be a lovely warm sunny day – eat outside! OBVIOUSLY, living in England this is not going to happen often but with the mini heatwave this week it was brilliant to let the mess be away from my carpet and even the birds helped to clean up.




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