Banana Bites

Snacks need to be quick and easy in my house as my daughter normally eats them when we are out and about. I started to get a little bored of a satsuma or rice cakes so I started to experiment with some other treats. These are great to make in batches, they keep well for a few days in the fridge and are really tasty. I discovered these through a friend who saw the recipe on a Baby Led Weaning group on Facebook and they are brilliant.



1 large banana

6 tablespoons of porridge oats

1/2 an apple

3 tablespoons of sultanas

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon


Mash the banana into a bowl.

Grate your apple and squeeze out the juice.

Stir in the oats, grated apple, sultanas and cinnamon.

Form into 10 balls or fingers (whichever is easiest for your baby to eat.)

Bake in the oven at gas 6/ 200C/ 400F for 15 minutes.

Allow to cool before eating.

Keep in the fridge and give when hungry.


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