How do I get my child to try new foods?

Message from a fussy child’s mother:

From my point of view the first thing you need is patience. It takes time and your child is not going to suddenly love trying new foods overnight.

TIP ONE: Get them involved in the cooking.

I decided as a family we were all going to try a new vegetable – Aubergine. We all love meatballs so I decided to make my sister’s meatball recipe. Click to find the recipe.

I started off by showing my son the aubergine, he watched me cut it up and helped me to mix it into the sauce.
He loved getting his hands in and his hands were the perfect size to roll up the meatballs. We had so much fun together and he enjoyed telling me who was having which ball. The big ones for Daddy and the smaller ones for his baby sister.
When I had dished it out and served it with pasta knowing that he’d at least eat that even if he didn’t like the aubergine. He was happy enough to try it as he said he had made his dinner and he couldn’t let it go to the bin. He ate it all saying it tasted just like the sauce. He loved cooking with me and if it means him trying and enjoying more new things then I will make him my little Sous Chef.



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