Fruit Yoghurt

So how much sugar should a baby have? None!

This can be tricky as during my research I have found many ‘child-friendly’ foods contain natural and added sugars.

The NHS suggests not to give your baby added sugar but surprisingly there are natural sugars in your breast milk and formula milk so it is difficult to become completely sugar free.

After reading an article by, I was appalled at the amount of sugar in children’s yoghurts. This writer and mother had looked into all the common yoghurts from our local supermarkets and decided that actually making your own was much healthier for her children.

I had been giving our little munchkin a petit filous every day at one point and I am now horrified at its sugar content, 8.6% and it has added fructose. It is really difficult to know for sure how much sugar yoghurts contain as they have natural and added sugars but at least if you make your own, you know for sure that you are only adding natural sugars.

In response to this I have decided to give my angel plain natural yoghurt with a homemade fruit puree.


Here is a recipe for you to try:


  • 4 tablespoons of natural/plain/greek full fat yoghurt
  • 1 orange (peeled)
  • 1 apple (diced)
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence


Put the plain yoghurt, orange, apple and vanilla essence into a blender and mix together.


Any leftovers will keep in the fridge.

Try other fruit combinations; banana and strawberry, raspberry, grapes and blueberries.


6 thoughts on “Fruit Yoghurt

  1. Habiba says:

    A friend was advising me to start my daughter off on petit filous as soon as she starts weaning and I was very skeptical (rightly so!). I’ve only given her homemade flavoured yoghurt once, and made it by steaming a banana whole (in its skin) for 10 mins, scooping out the insides and mixing a little with plain yoghurt. I froze the rest of the steamed banana for another day!


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