How do I help my child who has constipation?

Our munchkin’s favourite food is banana. I thought – great, she loves fruit. The only problem now is that she has become extremely constipated and as she isn’t swallowing much else, yet, I had to research how to help her.

First: check that your baby does have constipation, I would recommend getting advice from your health visitor and reading this link. They will most likely ask:

  • Is your baby in pain when the pass their stool?
  • Are they doing less than 3 a week?
  • Is their poo dry and hard like a pellet?
  • Have they lost their appetite?
  • Is their belly hard?

The best solution for us was to get other fruits into her. Even though Baby Led Weaning is against pureed food, I realised the fastest way to get apple and pear into her was going to be to make my own blitzed concoction. I did try giving her apple and orange pieces but she just sucked them and spat them out. This was one of those times where I had to follow my motherly instincts.

So I now keep a plastic tub filled with blended orange, pear and apple (fruits known to help promote bowel movements) in the fridge. With every meal I give her a couple of spoonfuls just to keep things moving along. Our munchkin actually loves being handed the loaded spoon, she can’t load it herself but she enjoys feeding from it and now we have a much happier baby with much happier nappy changes.


Other solutions:

  • Make sure your baby is drinking boiled, cooled water (from 6 months).
  • Give fruit juices such as orange or prune juice.
  • If formula feeding, try a different brand.
  • Give high fibre fruits such as pear, orange, apple, apricots, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, plums and prunes.
  • If the problem persists then take your child to the doctor.

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