First food idea – spinach and ricotta fritters


My little munchkin had been struggling her first week so I trawled the internet for any first food ideas from other new mummies. I found the most wonderful blog from a mother in Australia and her vegetable fritters are such a good first food. I started with the spinach and ricotta fritters and they were a huge success not just with my munchkin but my husband as well.  They are great because she can easily grab them, they are tasty, they freeze well and they are so nutritious.

Click here for the original recipe : Spinach and ricotta fritters

My version with UK measurements inspired by mylovelylittlelunchbox:


(makes about 12 small patties)

250g ricotta cheese

250g fresh spinach

1 grated sweet potato

100g of grated fresh parmesan

100g of chives

1 egg

lemon zest

3 tbs plain flour

olive oil for frying


Steam your spinach in a pan with 2 tablespoons of water. Squeeze out the water once cooked. Once steamed you may choose to chop it up roughly as your baby will find it more manageable.

Put the ricotta, steamed spinach, parmesan, egg, chives, lemon zest, plain flour and grated sweet potato into a large bowl and mix together. I added the sweet potato to these as I felt it gave the fritters more substance but it is your choice.


Heat a glug of olive oil in a frying pan. Either use your hands or a tablespoon to make a small patty of the mixture and place it into the hot pan and cook for 3 minutes, flip over and repeat the cooking time.


Once sealed and golden, place the fritters onto a cool plate.

Let them cool and make sure the centre is not too hot when serving to your little one.

Serve with a salad. This is a tomato, basil leaves and fennel salad with an olive oil and balsamic dressing.


For more recipes and advice on Baby Led Weaning take a look at my website:


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