How do you remove banana stains?

So here we are at the beginning of this exciting adventure and my little angel is starting to swallow foods. Her favourite? Banana!


She can now munch on a whole banana and devour it in a short space of time. The problem? Who knew that banana leaves horrendous, brown stains. I had no idea until one of her cloth bibs was ruined by this brown, sticky substance. I threw it in the wash unaware that these stains are unremovable. I’ve tried running it under the cold tap, washing it on a boiling wash, using vanish powder but the stains are still there.

So I have asked around for advice and searched the internet for help.

Here are some links that may help you:

What did I discover?

Basically if you do not get to it quick enough then you pretty much can not get it out. But if you do spot it straight away then scrape off any excess, run under cold water, pre treat with vanish and then put on a hot wash and pray it will come out. You can also try products with bleach in it if the item is white.

TIP: Always wear a wipe down bib that has sleeves and covers all babies clothes.


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