LowFlyingBananas: Our Adventures in Baby Led Weaning


When my beautiful daughter came along I thought that I was completely prepared as I had read the books, been to classes and listened to all my friends and family’s stories and experiences. But nothing really truly prepared me for parenthood and as I struggled through the first few weeks I wondered what qualified me to bring up this beautiful but complex and completely dependent creature. I was in over my head and drowning very quickly.

Luckily, I had an extremely supportive husband that made me realise that I was doing a good job. Our daughter was well fed (she took to breastfeeding like a pro), growing everyday and was given our unconditional love all the time.

But as our little angel began to develop an interest in food I realised I had no idea what the next step was after breastfeeding. Asking around my friends I listened to stories of Sundays spent cooking meals for a week, blending them and freezing it into individual ice cube portions. I felt sad at the thought of a lovely steak, fresh vegetables and mashed potato all mushed up into a gloopy mess. Then I heard one of my friends discussing how they had successfully taken their kids through ‘Baby Led Weaning’. What an interesting thought: your baby feeds themselves which in turns means that you can sit alongside them and enjoy your meal at the same time.

As I trawled the internet for advice and help I discovered the huge advantages to Baby Led Weaning and after reading the book by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett I was convinced that this was for us. I could not wait to start.

So here at the beginning I decided to record our adventure through this blog. My aim is to get my head around all the advice and research that I have already read in the hope of sharing great stories and helping other parents to navigate the minefield of ‘Baby Led Weaning’. If you are a friend or family, I hope you enjoy sharing this journey with us. If you are also a new parent embarking on this challenge, good luck and I hope that my experiences help you along your way.

Alongside this I am also building a website that will grow with advice and information that I discover over the next year. It will hopefully help new parents to start Baby Led Weaning and help guide them from start to finish.

Website: http://www.lowflyingbananas.co.uk

Click here to buy: Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett


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